I wish I could turn into a kite. I would fly, float and zip to all parts of the world , over land and sea, looking down at our amazing earth. Astounding waterfalls, deep dark caverns, fiery tipped volcanos and the rolling greens hills, not forgetting the simmering sands of the deserts. Intriguing are its peoples, friendly and warm and some aloof and cold, just like earth. As the saying goes, “it takes all sorts to make the world go round.”

Approaching by plane I saw one of the most amazing places in the world, Milford Sounds, near Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand. My sister and I undertook a brave trip to the most furthest place down south. Awe inspiring! landscapes, mirrored waters reflecting the snow tipped mountains. Shh!..you can even hear the trees talk.

Please put this on your bucket list as one of your destinations to visit.

Bon Voyage!